Real Estate Writing Services

Why original blog articles help real estate agents…

Blog articles can drive traffic to your website. It’s a known fact. That’s why so many real estate agents subscribe to national template newsletter services. They pay a monthly fee to receive newsletter articles each month to send out to potential clients in an email. Many realtors who end up using these articles for their website, do so at a cost. Google search engines favor original content, not copied content. In fact, the Google search bots will demote your website in the search engine results if you use copied content on your website.

Have you ever read through some of those articles? Now, you know why you only pay $30 per month for 4-5 newsletter articles in an email newsletter template. They’re useless fluff that waste the reader’s time. When you give something of value to someone, you gain their trust and credibility. With valued blog content, you are giving away useful insider information about the real estate market and the buying/selling process. The website visitor will come away feeling like they know you a little better. We buy from people we know. They also come away knowing that you really want to help them. You’ve given them free and useful information. That goes a long way in a customer service oriented industry like real estate.


I charge $25-$30 per article depending on length. For 550-word articles, I charge $25, and for longer articles, I charge $30. If an article goes over 1,000 words, then I would charge a few dollars more. We can work out an affordable price for your project. All I need is the topic that you would like for the article and any other information you would like included (such as keywords).

To start the process, just send me an e-mail at I accept payment through my paypal link: